Friday, 17 August 2012

iPhone or Blackberry

The question older than time itself.

Well, if you exclude 'what came first the chicken or the egg'.... that one is way too mind baffling. (the chicken had to come first to give birth to the egg, but how was that chicken even born? It needed an egg... SO DID THE EGG COME FIRST?! Even if you believe God just placed everything on the earth, which one was here first?!?!?!?)

ANYWAY, I have an advantage in this argument. 

I have experienced the best of both worlds. Hannah Montana style.

Grabbed your attention didn't I? Either with the bad pun or the comment.

So, I started off (as most people do in this situation) with a Blackberry.

There will always be a place in my heart for my blackberry. I had a beautiful bold (personally I'm not too fond of the other ones) and they are good phones.

Considering, Apple was a massive company before the iPhone, Blackberry emerged solely on the phone. I'm sure avid Mac users just bought an iPhone because of the Apple logo.

It is amazingly and successfully addictive with BBM being a massive part of it, whilst business wise (not that I would know..) but it is so much easier to access documents and information on a Blackberry.

So now, the iPhone. This crazy device which can do everything which you could ever dream of, such massager and dream translator I mention in 'Dreams and Thinking', and is not nearly as addictive as the Blackberry.

It can do a lot more things app wise, and is a lot better for the more artistic of us.

Oh and don't listen to the 'draining battery' rumours.

So, overall. Blackberry is definitely better for a business man or woman, whilst the iPhone has amazing photography and arts apps. 

As a teenager, if you want to communicate with a lot of your friends, and don't mind losing your mind a bit with the flashing red light indicating a new message, go for the Blackberry, but be warned. Your family, friends and yourself will get pissed off with you with the amount of time you spend with your new best friend. It isn't call Crackberry for nothing! All the teens left, iPhone iPhone iPhone. The days of fun I have when bored are endless and it isn't nearly as addictive but still as fun.

Hope that helps anyone making a decision to change!

And for anyone deciding between them, my opinion? Neither.

If you want to be more individual and actually have a functioning brain, get a brick phone. Cause once you get one of the two you will never be able to go back. EVER.

Have fun phoning!


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