Sunday, 12 August 2012

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I once had the pleasure of being embarrassed fully when I asked this to my teacher.

In my defence, I was about 9.... or 10.. or 11...

But alas, it is no longer my teacher who I've been asking the question to. The tables have turned and now the teachers are asking us.

And perhaps, what is even more scary, is unlike Mrs Harris, we can't laugh it off. We are required to provide dead serious answers (something I am generally very bad at). And those of you in the UK will understand that this comes early.

For the rest of you let me explain. No, I'm not insulting you nor calling the UK superior but might actually be criticising it.

Here we have GCSEs which mean you have to decide what subjects you do and what subjects you drop - FOREVER.

And though the idea of no longer translating Latin is amazing, there is a slight default. 

Should you drop chemistry, later to find out you may want to be a doctor, the option is almost impossible to you.

These 10 subjects we chose then get dropped down to 4 called A-levels, and here if you pick the wrong choice, you are truly screwed.

So if you are still unsure of what you want to be and have a few years or months still to choose, I'd say get in there early.

Look around at courses, at subjects you like and get ahead cause these next few years are going to fly by like there's no tomorrow.

...Not to scare you or anything...


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