Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Back From The Dead (With Costume Ideas)

In true Halloween attire I decided to return from the dead.

If being absent from a blog counts as being dead.

None the less tonight is the night of the living dead! It's HALLOWEEEEN!

Or an excuse for people to wear less clothes - whatever you'd like to call it.

Social standards go flying out the window on this night of horrors, but is that what we really have turned to? 

I have more faith in the human race.

If you've stumbled across this blog, scouring the internet for quick costumes which do not expose every bit of skin on your body - you've found the right place!

If it's not Halloween and you're reading this - some of them are fun anyway.

1) A Chick Magnet
Wear black clothes and stick barbie dolls on your clothes.
Alternatively, stick chicks or chickens on your outfit

2) A M & M
Simply wear block colours

3) You from yesterday
Wear the clothes you were wearing yesterday

4) An Egg
Wear white and stick a yellow circle in the middle of your top

5) A Puddle
Pour a glass of water over yourself - at home or make a scene at the party!

And if you do have some extra time on your hand, how about this? 

Happy Halloweening!


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